“I will never forget the day I went to The Peace Learning Center. I learned that you can solve problems without using violence and you won’t be mad if you take a peace breath.”

4th Grade Student, Cass School
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Peacemakers’ Workshop
Grade Level: 4th or 5th Grade
Peacemakers’ Workshop is an engaging day-long workshop where students are empowered to discover their own peacemaking abilities. Peacemakers’ Workshop encourage students and adults alike to build communities of mutual respect, cooperation, personal accountability and tolerance. Through cooperative games, small group study, and role play, students practice healthy ways to communicate, manage conflict nonviolently, build self-esteem and think critically about the impact peaceful action has on their community.PLC’s six peace tools are easily transferred for use in the classroom, lunch room, playground, bus stop and home. These tools emphasize:

  • active listening
  • rephrasing
  • point of view
  • understanding
  • empathy
  • restorative practice

Students gain confidence in communicating and in resolving conflict nonviolently, with minimal adult intervention.
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*Endorsed by MPS Safe Schools/Healthy Students Initiative and the Riverwest Health Initiative

Peacemakers’ Workshop II
Grade Level: 4th or 5th gradePeacemakers’ Workshop II is designed specifically for classrooms including students who have visited PLC at least once previously. Utilizing a variety of presentation formats, topics addressed in Peacemakers’ Workshop I are revisited with more in-depth discussion and practice of key skills. Students are introduced to new conflict resolution skills and community building activities.