Middle School Workshops

“…thank you for teaching me the peace breath. It really helps me calm down when I am angry and stressed. Arguments or fights can start really easy and fast so thank you for telling and sh

owing us how to make peace.”

5th Grade Student, Burbank Elementary School
Circles of Peace 
Grade Level: Middle School

Peace Learning Center staff has developed a middle school specific curriculum designed to address issues adolescents often deal with in their daily interactions with peers. The working theme of the curriculum is “Circles of Peace/Everything comes full circle”. Subthemes discussed will include:

  • Circle of violence (what you do affects others and may, in turn, affect you – especially within a small community like a school)
  • Circle of conflict (steps to prevent, steps to manage conflict when it happens, steps to repair relationships after conflict in an effort to prevent additional conflict)
  • Restorative Justice Circles (to repair relationships and prevent additional conflict)

Building a sense of peer community and empathy for others are two of the primary focuses of the workshop. Students will be given tools that support student efforts to develop healthy relationships, manage conflict, and improve climates in school communities. Topics addressed will include:

  • Recognizing biases
  • The value of an inclusive community
  • The effect an individual can have on the group dynamic
  • The role of technology in relationships
  • Restorative practices as a means to repair relationships

Utilizing a 5-hour workshop format, students will be actively engaged in activities employing a variety of modalities and presentation methods to teach concepts and will be given opportunities to practice skills through their participation in group discussions and role plays of real-life scenarios.