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Your Donation Makes a Difference!

PLC of Milwaukee, Inc. relies on the generous financial support from individuals, businesses, corporations, faith communities, initiatives and foundations to provide its workshops to schools, after-school groups, and community groups. Monetary gifts, memorial/tribute gifts and matching gifts are always welcome..
PLC is a 501(c)(3) registered nonprofit organization..

Donation Level


$1000.00: Peacemakers’ Workshop Total Package

Sponsor an entire classroom’s visit to a Peacemakers’ Workshop, providing hands-on, practical tools that empower children to solve conflicts independent of their teacher and get back to the business of learning!

$200-$500: Peace Education Initiative

Provides financial support for classrooms of schools with limited financial resources to attend a workshop.

$100: 10th Anniversary Gift

Helps sustain and develop our programming options.

$80: Booster Session

Brings our staff to the classroom twice to reinforce workshop skills, lead additional activities, and support teachers.

$50: Legacy Gift

Sponsors an individual child for a workshop.

$40: Peacemakers’
Workbook Set

Provides students with additional practice to reinforce what they’ve learned at the workshop.

$25: Classroom Poster Pack

Creates a visual reminder of peacemaking strategies.

$10: Peace Mentor Posters

Expands our selection of inspirational figures for study at workshops.