Student Testimonials

“Thank you for showing me how to use peaceful ways to solve problems. My favorite way to solve a problem peacefully was using the I MESSAGES. I think I could use that at home with my family.” I also liked doing the “I care” activity when we shared our names and what we cared about. My other favorite part about the trip was learning about the peace mentors like Mother Theresa, Cesar Chavez, Dr. Martin Luther King and many others). Another thing I liked learning was the peace breath, I can use that a lot now when I am sad, angry or stressed out about a test or something.” -Nina (5th Grade Student, Woodlands Academy)

“Dear PLC, this was inspiring for me.” -Rowan (5th Grade Student, Woodlands Academy)

“You showed me how to solve problems with my friends. You keep the world peaceful.” -Felicity (Upper Elementary Student, Maryland Montessori)

“I have been in a lot of fights. That’s why I changed schools, and today you taught me how to take care of a fight.” -5th Grade Student (Woodlands Academy)

“Thank you! You helped us to care for each other more, and we are nicer to each other now. I know that you taught us well because when we got back to school, someone accidentally bumped into someone else, and we used the ‘Ready? Set? Go!’ method with the wooden stick – and it worked!” -Laura (5th grade student, Burbank School)

“I learned to use a peace breath, I use it a lot when I get frustrated at school, at home or anywhere, it helps me a lot). I also learned the ‘Ready? Set? Go!’ Method. That helped me a lot when I got into an argument with my friend Sam.” -Donovan (5th grade student, Burbank School)

UW-M Student Volunteer Testimonials

“Ready? Set GO! is the greatest mediation tool that was taught to the children the day at Peace Learning Center. It gave them a format to mediate problems that were happening without an adult present but still promoted peaceful communication of their feelings and perspectives to decide how to solve it.” – 2011 Volunteer

“Personally, the entire day was just amazing. I had an absolute blast and gained a renewed sense of importance about the education our children receive. A large part of what was so inspirational about the experience was the dedication to the center that the facilitators demonstrated. They really cared that these kids learned about peace.” – 2011 Volunteer

“On many levels I could see change in these kids throughout the session. I feel that they were grasping the knowledge in a way that this information has never been presented to them before.” – 2011 Volunteer

Educator Testimonials

“The message of nonviolent conflict resolution along with the activities offered during the Peace Workshop has given our fourth graders and their teachers techniques and strategies to help solve conflicts peacefully. The biggest impact I think the Peace Workshop made is that it is helping our students to be able to solve their conflicts independently. The IMessages and Ready-Set-Go process are what I like to call “Peace in Action!” It is important to talk about peace and what it means to us as individuals and communities whether they be school or those in which we live, it is something more to demonstrate peace on a daily basis. Peace is a verb! Our fourth graders now have techniques they can use to make Peace in their lives and teachers who will support their efforts thanks to the training and assistance from the Peace Learning Center of Milwaukee!” -Sheri Schill (School Counselor, Bonduel Elementary School)

“The Peace Learning Center really makes a difference to my students and the community of my classroom.” -Wendy Ellis (Teacher, St. Rose/St. Leo Catholic Schools)

“The materials, activities, and strategies PLC used were very effective and the presenters were very dynamic!” -Julie Sostre (Teacher, BEAM Academy)

“We have posted the posters and fouls all around the school and the kids have discovered another language to use when talking about conflicts. Ms. Ward (8th grade teacher) said this was ‘the best field trip of the year!’” -Meagan Schultz (School Counselor, Milwaukee College Prep)

Yesterday we were on the field trip to the Urban Ecology Center. As the outdoor portion of our afternoon began, we had a problem. One of the kids cursed at another student. They came to me because they wanted help. We followed the Ready, Set, Go! model you all taught us on Thursday, and worked the situation out. As we walked back to the building after the activity, one of the kids said, “You know what Ms. Koneazny? They were right! You can do Ready, Set, Go! anywhere!” We resolved everything on a sidewalk in the freezing cold across from the Brewer parking lot. Please pass our appreciation to George and Tracy. Thank you!” -Sarah Koneazny (Teacher, Alba Elementary School)

“I can say I have had three classes come to the PLC 5th, 6th, and 4th grade and every time I have seen a noticeable change in their interactions with each other as well as with the schoolmates. Last year my scholars would use the Ready Set Go technique independently with younger scholars who had disputes on the playground. I just wanted to let you know what an asset the PLC is and I look forward to planning a field trip with you guys soon.” -Tiffany Spears (Teacher, Milwaukee College Prep.)

“I have worked with the Peace Learning Center for many years and always look forward to taking a new class. While we discuss and practice what it takes to be a peacemaker in class, the PLC reaffirms what I teach and gives the students additional opportunities to put the skills they learn into practice. In addition, they learn more about real life peacemakers and can develop their oral presentation skills as they learn more about these people. I find I am better able to handle situations that may arise in the classroom because of my experiences at the PLC and am able to share some of these skills with other teachers as the need to do so arises.” -Beth Krebs (Teacher, Messmer Catholic Schools)

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