Peacemakers' Workshop

Grade Level: 4th or 5th Grade

Peacemakers' Workshop is an engaging five-hour workshop where students are empowered to discover their own peacemaking abilities. Peacemakers' Workshop encourages students and adults alike to build communities of mutual respect, cooperation, personal accountability and tolerance. Through cooperative games, small group study, and role play, students practice healthy ways to communicate, manage conflict nonviolently, build self esteem and think critically about the impact peaceful action has on their community.

PLC's six peace tools are easily transferred for use in the classroom, lunch room, playground, bus stop and home. These tools emphasize active listening, rephrasing, point of view, understanding, empathy, and restorative practice. Students gain confidence in communicating and in resolving conflict nonviolently, with minimal adult intervention. The workshop ends with an outdoor hike on the adjacent Koenen Land Preserve and offers students an opportunity to examine their human connection to the natural world.

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*Endorsed by MPS Safe Schools/Healthy Students Initiative and the Riverwest Health Initiative

Booster Sessions

Grade Level: 4th or 5th grade

After participating in Peacemakers' Workshop, students continue their learning in follow-up sessions (called Booster Sessions) in their own classroom for two one-hour PLC-led sessions, held at three week intervals. These sessions offer continued practice and reinforcement of peace tools & strategies, and allow students the opportunity to reflect on the changes they see occurring in their classroom climate through improved communication and peaceful action.

Educational Inservices/Community Outreach

Inservice workshops engage best practices to create communities of inclusion, tolerance, cooperation and healthy conflict management. Custom-designed for Educators and Administrators, or for Family/Community outreach sesssions.